Secrets of a Master Architectural Proposal Strategist

“New research from the Society for Marketing Professional Services Foundation finds that average AEC firm hit rate—measured most commonly as the total number of proposals submitted to the total number of projects won—falls within the 37-44% range” (“How Does Your Firm's Hit Rate Stack up to the AEC Competition?” Building Design + Construction, 3 Jan. 2017,


Mike Garrett, an architect infuriated with these results, decided to experiment with proposal writing strategies in an effort to improve his conversions. Like a Mad Scientist he developed and tested different means and methods of preparing and presenting proposals. Ultimately this evolved into a systematic approach to proposal writing that achieved a “hit rate” over 80% for his firm. 


Thinking this was a fluke, he taught the method to a friend and watched as they achieved a conversion rate over 60% in the first year. Mike knew he had stumbled upon a groundbreaking technique that could transform the architectural industry.


Now, you have access to this proposal writing approach, complete with all of its components, in a concise, easy to read pocket manual. This technique is formulated to build trust, reduce risk, increase your fees (and profits), and double the “hit rate” you are getting now!


It spells out in detail how to identify a client's purchasing mindset, write a proposal to target that mindset, and use core pricing concepts and key pricing strategies to add value to your proposals and increase your fees.


It also explains how to reveal your real value to projects and clearly present that value in the proposal - shattering the competition and keeping your clients from price hunting.


Plus, you will discover how to stop giving away high value services so that you can get paid the substantial fees that these services are worth


Further, it exposes the most common proposal mistakes and shows you how to avoid them - including eliminating scope creep!


Imagine a proposal written so concisely that your team would be able to spot changes in scope before they happened; a proposal that protected you from providing extra work that the client didn’t need or care about - nor that they were willing to pay for!; a proposal that spelled out your value so clearly that your clients jumped at the opportunity to work with you. 


How would this change your company? 


No more giving away schematic concepts, no more late stage design changes, no more “just one more little thing”-s that eat away at your profits.


Not only does this book teach you how to use the strategic components above to improve your proposals, it also provides you with 3 innovative proposal methods formatted to build trust, raise fees, and improve conversions. Plus, it illustrates when to use each proposal method to get the best result.


Architects all over the world have paid $500 - $1000 to attend courses that do not teach the material as in depth as this book (I know I’ve taken the courses).


However, this solution is delivered right to your door and can be used as a reference permanently for only $24.99. 


If this book only helped you to sign one more project this year, it would be worth it - so imagine what it will be worth to you when your conversion rate doubles!

Don't Take Our Word for It, Here's What Other's are Saying!

"You have addressed all of my struggles in this book."

Jessi Barnes - Owner of Six Designs

“What a time saver for architects who are looking to enter the business of are seeking to grow”

Xiao Hu, Ph. D., Associate Professor, University of Idaho

“This clear and concise book is great for any architect who desires to expand their market value and be compensated accordingly”

Frank Jacobus, Principal SILO AR+D

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why write a book about proposals, don't architects already know how to write those?

Very few people really use price as the ultimate deciding factor when making a purchase. While the book goes into detail about why people buy, the reality is that unless you know how to display the value of your services in ways that benefit the buyer price is the only differentiator that they have. Unfortunately most architects are not great at clearly demonstrating the value that they provide to projects and owners - this book will change that.

Aren't owners really just interested in the price of services?

Proposals are the least understood tool of communication that plays perhaps the most crucial role in the success or failure of an architectural firm. Contrary to belief, proposals are not a long winded method of presenting the price for architectural services, they are a mechanism to exemplify your value and define the relationship for the project. If you learn to write better proposals you will convert more projects and be able to raise your fees.