Mike Garrett, AIA


Books & Ventures

Mike is an architect, entrepreneur, proactive marketer and avid learner.

He holds a Master of Architecture degree and a Washington State Architecture license. He is an associate principal in a medium-size architecture firm and fervently studies business strategies. 

Mike's early experience in the architectural profession revealed flaws that led to many of the issues we see surrounding scope creep, low profitability, and cyclical marketing processes. His desire to support and protect the architectural industry has steered him to seek ways to help architects fix these issues in their firms and create efficient and simple business systems so that they can do the work they love - architecture.

Mike is a collector of ideas and uses his innate analytical skills to find the connections between ideas and how they can be useful for the architectural profession. Being on the leading edge of the millennial generation, Mike works to find ways to adapt the tools and technology that fascinates him to the work he loves. He is always striving to learn new ways to make the architecture and construction industries more efficient and profitable.

One of his great motivators is making sure that what he is doing or producing is setting others up for success which drives him to take the extra care and time in everything he does.